Welcome to Wifi-Professionals.com a blog that helps WiFi enthusiasts to read and share their knowledge about the topic. This blog specially focusing the readers who doesn’t have to be WiFi professionals.

My name is Zeeshan Haider and I am full time WiFi Professional and a Muaythai fighter fighting out of well known gym KO EastLondon.

From Hobby to Profession

Back in 2015 after I completed my university (MS networking) and just like any other student I started my Job hunt. I was offered a Job outside London for a junior WiFi engineer. With no intention to join WiFi industry I begin to enjoy WiFi and soon it became my hobby to play with WiFi devices and troubleshoot WiFi issues.

After 1 year I decided to take Wi-Fi as my profession and that was the time I started to explore options that what it will take to become a good WiFi professional?

Answer was very simple:

  • Need a lot of experience with relative technology in real world
  • Need good theoretical knowledge about 802.11 standard

I started my work towards educating myself with WiFi. There is wealth of knowledge everywhere on the internet and you as a seeker need to go and get it for your own good. Every vendor offers its own sets of certification as we all know Cisco, Microsoft are most common vendors out there.

So question was after BS computing/MBA information management and MS Networking. Do I want or need to take certification path again in order to get to my goal #WiFi professional?

I knew that there is knowledge gape which I have to fill. After considerable research and meeting my friend Joe Statter I was able to make my mind to peruse CWNE Journey in 2018.

In 2018 I started my CWNE Journey and this is where I started to follow and read most of CWNE’s. This was the best thing I ever did on my journey to follow like minded people, speak to them, ask them questions and stay motivated.

MuayThai Boxing:

If I write about myself I think Muaythai will have to be there as a part of my life. I quit cricket 13 years ago sooner I had introduction to Muaythai. Muaythai didn’t only give me courage to fight in the ring front of hundreds of people but it also helped me achieve goals in personal and professional life.

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  1. First of all great appreciation for such blog and website. Wifi plus Muathai..Really unimaginable combination..Hats off to you…Started my CWNA preparation, really interesting.

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