Background with Networking I was heading towards routing and switching journey and I was introduced to complexity of the Wi-Fi on my first Job as Network Engineer.

I started to learn about Wi-Fi and soon I realised to get success with Wi-Fi you need to understand that how Wi-Fi really works and that increased my interest to learn more about Wi-Fi.

I decided to learn about Wi-Fi and chosen my career as Wi-Fi expert. After working in Wi-Fi with different vendors I realised there is gap in knowledge and that’s where I decided to choose a journey to be CWNP CWNE.

The CWNP program has really helped me to know how to do my job. I started to read the CWNA book and I loved the vendor-neutral way to learn a technology (802.11 in this case).

It took some hard work, dedication and time but if you are passionate about it, it feels more like discoveries.

I believe you should do what you love and instead of working for the sake of work its better to find the love for what you do.

I encourage everyone who is interested in knowing more about 802.11 to go through the process and I hope my journey will inspire other professionals.

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