CWAP® – Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (EXAM PREPRATION)

In this post I am going to describe that how I was able to prepare and pass CWAP-402 (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional).

This is one of the exam I would defiantly recommend to  attend CWAP instructor led course. I was lucky enough to attend Peter Mackenzie at Marquest training centre. I was able to revise all of my previous knowledge and asked many questions to clear my concepts.

Like any other exams you must be aware of exam objectives, topics included, chapters included and how much different topics or chapter scores in the exam.

Passing marks for CWNP exams is 70% in 90 minuets. Like other CWNP exams this exam also consists of 60 questions and 70% passing rate means you will have answer at least 42 questions correctly.

  • Troubleshooting process
  • 802.11 communication
  • WLAN Hardware
  • Protocol and spectrum analysis
  • Troubleshooting common Problems

CWAP is the study where you need to understand 802.11 Physical and MAC layer in depth in order to investigate, troubleshoot and resolve any 802.11 related issues. It is a very tough exam & you have to have very clear understanding of each of those frame types & functionality of each of them. There will be lots of information to remember.

Few Tips:

  • Instructor led training
  • At-least read the book twice
  • Make good notes
  • Understand frame types and Frame formats
  • Get in habit of capturing packets and get use to frames structure
  • Scenario base captures and understand traffic flow
  • Must have spectrum analyser and Protocol analyser

As you can see in my whiteboard plan I have read the book twice and then I also practice end of chapters review questions twice. There are exercises given in the book which I completed as well.  I also bought practice test questions from CWNP to test myself and get myself in exam mode.

Most importantly I spent some money and bought myself Macbook pro so wherever I am using my Macbook I can start capturing some Wi-Fi traffic and analyse it.

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