CWNA® – Certified Wireless Network Administrator (Exam Preparation)

CWNA exam Preparation: 

CWNA exam test consists of 60 questions and probably one of the hardest exams you will come across. You will need to answer a minimum of 42 questions (70%) correctly to achieve passing grade.

 Study Technique I used:

 1) Objectives: It is very important to read the CWNA OBJECTIVES. Once you have read the book or watch video training and then you read all the objectives you will realize there are few topics or key points are still missing.

So it is very important that read and understand all in the objectives.

So it is a must.

2) CWNA-107 Study Guide: Second most important step is to read the book at least once or preferably twice. I would suggest buying the book which comes with DVD and simulation software where you can practice all question in the end of every chapter.

DVD includes:

Chapter Questions: Good thing about these questions is that every question has explanation and reference to the chapter in the book which gives a very good understanding of each and every question.

 Practice Exam: Another bonus with this DVD pack is 3×60 exam simulations and 1×40 questions exam practice test.

Flash Card: If I did not go through flash I would have failed. In the morning before I go to training center I was going through flash card questions and at least 3, 4 questions I managed to answer due to those flash cards.

Once again CWNA-107 book reading is also a must.

3) Notes: Take the CWNA class and study from your course guide and more importantly your notes.

 4) Practice Questions:  You can also buy additional practice question from official website. Please use these practice test questions as well.  You should be scoring between 95% – 100% before attempting the real test.  Always read the explanations for the answers.

5) HANDS-ON PRACTICE: I highly recommend that you get some hands-on experience with Wi-Fi equipment.  It’s easy to buy access point from eBay or Amazon and play with it.

Set your target and monitor your Progress: (must do)