CWSP® – Certified Wireless Security Professional (Exam Preparation)

I am happy to say that yesterday 10th June 2018 I managed to pass my CWSP-205 exam. I used only self-study method by going through the CWSP-205 study guide in my own phase. If you get an opportunity for an instructor led course (normally 3 days) that would be a very helpful for your CWSP studies.

Like any other exam, you have to be aware of the exam objectives & weight of each exam topics. CWSP exam test consists of 60 and you will need to answer a minimum of 42 questions (70%) correctly to achieve passing grade.

 Study Technique I used:

 1) Objectives: As I mentioned in my CWNA preparation post that It is very important to read the CWSP Exam OBJECTIVES. You have to read and understand all in the objectives. Exam objectives can be found on CWNP website.

Wireless LAN Security Subject Area % of Exam

  • Wireless Network Attacks and Threat Assessment 20% (Chapters 12,13)
  • Security Policy 5% (Chapter 15)
  • Wireless LAN Security Design and Architecture 50% (Chapters 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,12)
  • Monitoring and Management 25% (Chapters 9,10,12,13,14)
  • Total 100%

I am not going to break each and every chapter topics here because this is something should be done by yourself to understand chapters and topics covered in the exam. Again it is broken down by CWNP in exam objectives which is very handy piece of paper.

2) CWSP-205 Study Guide: Reading CWSP study guide not once but twice is very important. Different CWNE’s suggested to prepare CWAP exam first and then concentrate on CWSP and CWDP exams.

So I took the advise and decided to read CWAP CWNP study guide while I was on holidays. So whenever I had sometimes such as travelling on plane, before sleep I would read CWAP and before I came back I finished the Book.

After finishing the book I started to read CWSP-205 and all of the guys were right because of concepts in security you understand once you have read CWAP book.

so personally I suggest:

3) Take notes for your revision.

4) Plan: How good you are regarding your time keeping and tracking. I have attached my plan on a white board. I have used same process for my CWNA exam as well as my Wireless Security exam.

NOTE: I would highly recommend to read CWAP book before you tackle this exam.

I would also recommend to have your packet capturing tools ready because understanding the theory is important but going through packets and reading at the same time makes your concepts much more clear and easy to understand. I would actually capture the traffic via MacBook pro airtools and then open the book and compare, This gave me much better understanding of the topics and confidence to appear in exam.

  • Wireless Network Attacks and threat assessment
  • Security Policy
  • Wireless LAN security design and Architecture
  • Monitoring and management

I also use same whiteboard approach for my weight cut before my Muaythai fight. Its very important that mind and body work together in order to achieve results. Often we forget about our body as working in this industry we sometime spend more time on learning and we do not think about our health.